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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy for a wide array of presenting problems. Grounded in empirical science, we utilize evidence-based treatment interventions tailored to meet your personal goals.

Group Discussion
Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy can be a useful supplement to individual therapy, or an effective standalone treatment for a number of concerns.  Learn more about the current groups being offered. 

Intensive Exposure Treatment

Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is considered to be the front-line treatment for OCD. Intensive programming offered to maximize efficacy. 

Distanced Couple
Couples & Family Therapy

Helpful to promote growth and intimacy, facilitate change and acceptance, address conflicts, increase effective communication, and improve relationships.  

Psychological Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of personality, intelligence, and/or academic performance to aide in diagnostic clarification, as well as to provide appropriate recommendations, referrals, and documentation for accommodations.


Consultation for mental health professionals and students in training. Tailored to suit individual or group needs. Areas of expertise include exposure treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders, dialectical behavior therapy, and program and practice  development.


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